Watercolors Update

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Finally got around to uploading the last batch of watercolors. Have also expanded the “about” page to include information written by Iosif Puchisnkiy himself.

Some of the new pieces:

The rest can be found here.

There will hopefully be more updates soon.

More, more, and more

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Added the most recent photos I’ve taken of his oils.

Check out the rest here.

I have underestimated how much is left, therefore expect even more updates in the near future.

I will also be adding more watercolors very soon, and hopefully prints of them as well.

Stay tuned.

New content

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I have added all the oil paintings I have documented to date as well as added a separate page dedicated to Iosif’s watercolors, graphics, pastels, lithographs, etc. Check it out here

Check out the rest in their respective galleries.

New oil paintings added

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I have added additional oil paintings to the gallery and will be adding many more in the coming months.

Welcome to

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Hello and welcome to, dedicated to my late grandfather Iosif Puchinskiy. This website is intended to be am overview of his life and work including a portfolio of his paintings. In the coming months I will be adding more of his pieces to the galleries as I continue to document the work that is still in our possession.

If you are interested in purchasing any of his remaining pieces please use the contact information on the left. Reproductions of his watercolors and graphics may be available at a later date.